At Partner Construction we pride ourselves in the management and delivery of construction works. Sub-contractors are a key element in what we do, such as under our business continuity planning process, they are subject to stringent and rigorous selection and on-going service criteria.

Our material, equipment and general suppliers are subject to the same processes and this gives us assurance that our aim of delivering superior quality is maintained.

In order to select the most appropriate sub-contractors for the project we have to know all financial, technical and general information about them. We also give preference to local suppliers wherever possible.

Factors to be considered include the quality of production, efficiency, employment of qualified members, reputation of the company, accessibility to the company and completion of the work on time.

Our key criteria for selecting suppliers and sub-contractors includes,

All supplier awards are evaluated by our senior management team.

Following successful selection to become one of our suppliers we use a variety of criteria to continually monitor their performance including:

1. Health and Safety:

H&S is our highest priority. We are committed to providing a work environment that strives to protect the health and safety of all stakeholders. We expect our suppliers to have a safety programme that is actively supported by the supplier’s top management team.

Our suppliers must, as a minimum:

Abide by all applicable governmental rules, regulations, and laws
Abide by all our health and safety rules in performance of work on our sites

2. Environmental and Sustainability:

It is our policy to seek continuous improvement in our environmental performance. We are committed to maintaining environmentally sound business operations and to contributing to the common effort to protect the natural and workplace environment.

At all of our sites, we expect our suppliers to:

Ensure that, at a minimum, all products and services comply with applicable environmental rules, regulations, and laws
Actively working to meet or exceed all applicable environmental and materials handling policies.

3. Insurance cover:

As part of the vetting process we ask sub-contractors to forward a copy of their insurance details.

4. Assurance of Supply:

Provide a stable supply stream, free from defects and disruptions.
Capable of delivering their products and services to the point and time of need.

5. Responsiveness:

We respond quickly to customer enquiries, and we strive to efficiently resolve and eliminate any problems that might arise.
We expect our suppliers to:

Respond to enquiries promptly with clear, complete, and accurate information.
Support changes in our demand or requirements.
Expeditiously resolve any problems or supply disruptions, taking appropriate measures to ensure they do not recur.

We audit our Suppliers and Sub-Contractors on a regular basis throughout the lifetime of a scheme and conduct Post completion contract reviews to monitor performance levels.