Our Policy:

Partner aims to continually improve its business performance and we are currently working with Quality Management Systems which are based on the principals of BS EN ISO 14001:2008.You can download our policy here : Quality Policy Master

In addition to this, the company identifies and complies with legal requirements, legislation and accepted industry standards. The company manages its business through a series of interacting processes.


These processes are subject to monitoring, measurement and analysis to confirm compliance with both customer and company requirements and to identify opportunities for continual improvement by establishing objectives, KPI targets and measures related to the satisfaction of needs and expectations of customers and other stakeholders.

We regularly undertake an internal audit on our business and show commitment to continual
Improvement of the service we provide.


The Company ensures that the Policy and Objectives are reviewed, communicated, understood and implemented within the organisation.

We are able to clearly demonstrate:

•Top down methods, with open communication channels that ensure that that everyone is informed.
•We communicate our company’s philosophy, ethics and policies through inductions, training and toolbox talks (short duration training)
•We regularly undertake an internal equality audit on our business and show commitment to continual improvement of the services we provide.
•We maintain training records for all our staff to show that they are competent to perform the tasks whilst adhering to company policy for which they are employed. This addresses our customer’s cost, equality and safety issues.
•Policy statements are openly accessible by staff and are discussed during team meetings and when new people enter onto the site.
•Policies are available in hard copy in a designated master folder to prevent over printing
•Regular updates with current issues and changes to policy are communicated throughout the year electronically whilst addressing any DDA or WC3 standards.