In all of our development locations we invest significantly in community engagement activities that go beyond the consultation process.

We have learned that community strategies that engage and involve residents are crucial to delivering successful projects.
Working closely with the community in ‘live’ environments ensures that projects run smoothly and minimises the chances of disruption.

As a matter of course for each community we develop in, we arrange regular school visits. We run competitions for children to name our schemes and prizes for various Health and Safety posters to educate the school children on the perils of playing on or around building sites.

Primary, secondary schools and colleges are always places where we can work with the students in a variety of ways whether by creating site visits and open days or classroom talks on health and safety, career opportunities or the design and build process.

We also put serious emphasis on creating apprenticeship and work opportunities with our supply chain partners to fund personal development opportunities for young people in our development areas who may need extra support.

On a cultural level we are also keen to create interaction and have sponsored many local community initiatives and clubs.

We want to demonstrate our willingness to be a good corporate partner and do our best to provide the kind of added value that each community has identified through our comprehensive collaboration process.