Head of Development (Midlands)

Telephone: 01332 527528

Email: cloizou@partnerconstruction.co.uk

Chris is based from our Derby office and heads up our land and planning team for the Midlands region. Chris is a qualified Chartered Planning and Development Surveyor and has worked in the industry since he graduated in 2004. He has worked for a number of companies including Barratt Homes and Galliford Try partnerships. In his spare time, Chris is an avid Aston Villa fan, supporting his team both home and away.

Who is the most famous person you’ve ever met?

Stan Collymore & Martin O’Neill

What is your party trick?

People like hearing about my trials and tribulations, where ever I go, something always happens!

What would your colleagues say is the best thing about working with you?

My crazy sense of humour.

What’s your food heaven and food hell?

Heaven – Huge steak, pasta, any type of cheese.
Hell – Any ‘inners’ like Kidney, liver or black pudding and pate!

Whats the scariest thing that you have ever done?

I was arrested leaving Cyprus once as they thought I was evading National Service (even though I am British, Irish and third generation Cypriot). It probably didn’t help when I stated ‘I can’t fight for you’

Which three people would you want to be stuck in a lift with?

My son Ciaran, Paul McGrath and Ron Atkinson.

What fact about you would surprise your work colleagues?

I nearly made it as a long distance runner as a teenager. I could run what is now the Great Midlands Run, that used to be 9 miles in 55 minutes. Believe it or not, I used to be quite slim!

Do you have a favourite past time or sport?

Golf and Football, I’m a huge Aston Villa fan, I even had my sons Christening Party at Villa Park.